Moulded panel doors | SoundSure FD30 | Hinges

Commodity flush and moulded panel doors for light duty performance will typically feature a ‘hollow-core’, usually comprising a paper based cellular structure, within a timber peripheral framing. However, other options including semi-solid and solid cores are also available.

Standard core
Semi-solid core
A multi-cell or spacer pad core for light duty, non fire rated applications.

Suitable for domestic use.

Specification for catalogue standard core interior and exterior door types.
Offering additional weight to the standard 35mm door, this specification is optional on moulded panel doors in styles and sizes shown in the catalogue

ExtraCORE interior doors

Safe 'N' sound

The ExtraCORE option on interior doors offers additional stile and rail dimension for trimming on site.

Approximately 40mm can be removed from each door stile or rail without affecting the integrity of the door.

Solid core material in a standard thickness door, offering the best specification levels and two valuble advantages:
  1. Improved fire resistance.
  2. Reduced sound transmittance