Cubicles - Meadow
Based on the ARTESIAN design, MEADOW offers the same smooth lines, with additional damage resistance provided by laminate facing on all components.

The profiled components are hardwearing and easy to clean. Additional features such as vanitory units are available to complement beautifully.

MEADOW combines high performance with quality looks - cost effectively.


Postformed fascias and headrails introduce smoother aesthetics, offering easy to clean surfaces.
Laminate faced 18mm chipboard on doors, fascias, headrails and partitions offers improved damage resistance and provides rigidity in service.
V313 core material provides additional moisture resistance.
Polished aluminium ironmongery is hardwearing and practical.
Height adjustable legs assist installation.
Hinges can be installed fall open or fall shut as required.
Optional outward opening doors.


MEADOW is guaranteed for 3 years. Guarantees are offered against materials or manufacturing defects - subject to products being treated in accordance with our 'Storage, Handling & Installation' guidelines - as stated in the HILLS Technical Guide.


In the interest of continuous product design and improvement, HILLS reserves the right to alter specifications and descriptions without prior notice.