Alpha Timber Garage Door Frames
Alpha garage door frames.

Available in Redwood, "honey" primed or hardwood with "Meranti" base stain.
Made in UK.

All frames are vacuum preservative treated. "Honey" prime finish on softwood frames. Hardwood frames are supplied treated with a base stain. Garage door frames are supplied unassembled with mortice and tenon joints and square sections ex 75mm x 75mm. When assembled, the frames have the door opening shown.

Garage doors frames have mortice and tenon joints, square sections ex 75 x 75m (supplied unassembled). When assembled the frames have the door opening as shown.
Door frames are shown with corresponding door size. Overall frame size is exact frame dimensions.

Door sizeOverall frame size
2134 x 1981mm (7'0" x 6'6")2268 x 2051mm
2134 x 2134mm (7'0" x 7'0")2268 x 2204mm
2286 x 1981mm (7'6" x 6'6")2420 x 2051mm
2286 x 2134mm (7'6" x 7'0")2420 x 2204mm
4268 x 1981mm (14'0" x 6'6")4402 x 2051mm
4268 x 2134mm (14'0" x 7'0")4402 x 2204mm

To adapt these garage door frames for open out doors, a planted door stop is available in either primed (62114) or base stained (62211) timber.

Alpha door frames are guaranteed for thirty years against fungal attack and rot and ten years against manufacturing and materials faults.

Please note that specifications may vary at our option.

Alpha is a Premdor registered trademark.